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We are looking for international/national dance films in according with the Festival main theme. 

The selected videos will be screened on 15th-17th September 2023 in Naples 

All selected films will be eligible to receive the Jury award and  an audience special  award

Jury award 300€

special mention from the audience 

For the edition 2023
 beyond the main location at the Teatro Area Nord in Naples


This year edition is related to the idea of METAMORPHOSES starting from the Ovid ancient book.

Metamorphosis is change, physical and mental transformation, which helps to discover new imaginaries, new spaces in which to act and live.

Metamorphosis as a passage from one state to another, from one identity to another, from one semblance to another.

In relationship with the main theme of the edition 2023, we encourage dance filmmakers to submit works up to  maximum 7 minutes in length.
In case of spoken languages, the films must have subtitles in English

By submitting, the participant declares to be responsible for any legal rights requirements releasing the festival from any legal claims, liabilities and damages.
By submitting your work to this festival, you give permission for us to screen the film at our official venue and to use your posters/trailers/marketing materials for the promotion of the festival. 

All the artists will be notified by e-mail

Please provide a high resolution copy of the screenings encoded in .mp4 or .mov files
Include at least 3 still photos HD resolution. (
Please give photo credit)


the works can be submitted via FilmFreeway

or via our application form HERE

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