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6 MD_Wood_FUNA_apr 2023_Napoli-CHR05417.jpg

WOOD // performative installation


Choreography Marianna Moccia, Sara Lupoli

Performer Maria Anzivino

Soundscape: Julia Primicile Carafa

Costumes: Dario Biancullo

Production: FUNA

With the support of Movimento Danza, Kôrper, ArtGarage, Casa del Contemporaneo

Photo and Video: Giulia Di Vitantonio





Wood is made of three wooden planks. Body is a mortal body. Body and Wood meet. The one insecure, curious and unstable; the other firm, simple and inscrutable. The structural differences between the two make the relationship complex.

We witness their changing and oscillating dialogue, participating in the hesitations and frustrations that emerge in the attempt to enter into a relationship. The sound envelops the scene in an evocative and hypnotic atmosphere as the two get to know each other, in which they shyly discover each other, surprise each other, fear each other and hide.

Wood is placenta that protects, trench and den. Body has made him a cage, a shield and at times an enemy. When the fluctuations of both are recognized as an opportunity, then together they create the delicate balance of a relationship

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