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20-21-22-23 July 2022

Theatre TAN. Naples

with the support of

Grrranit - Scène nationale de Belfort

thanks to Institute Français de Naples - Le Grenoble


For this workshop, we will work on the theme of Vanities, of passing time.


We are nothing in the universe and life - not just humanity - will be no more than a match that has been lit and extinguished in the heavens.


What relationships do we have with passing time ? The universe, the cycle of the seasons, how do we situate ourselves in this great vertiginous space?


Our fate for all of us will be the same, I, faced with it, I dance.


During this workshop we will search what is most essential, most vital in dance so that it can bring us together, beyond techniques and aesthetics.


Let the body talk, first by putting the body in condition and availability by working on breathing, weight, peripheries, by experimenting with what connects us to the ground, what elevates us, work on a « state of body ».


Then engage the body in a time of composition and choreographic writing destinated to be to shared.


Finally, experimenting, during an open laboratory in the public space, the resources to give life to time through an experience where the bodies, covered with clay, will place the dancers in a time suspended between a state of statue and that of being alive.

to Partecipate

Send us an email and CV at this email with the object : HERVE' KOUBI workshop

emBODYing Landscapes

intensive composition lab merging body and nature

with Rossella Canciello, Roberta Ricci, Stefania Petracca 

23/24 July 2022


price: 100€

Embodying Landscapes PAF Festival 1.jpg

Embodying Landscapes is a project already realised in 2021, created to turn the pandemic-imposed limitation of using essentially open spaces into a resource and a starting point for research.
It was founded by the three Berlin-based dancers: Rossella Canciello, Stefania Petracca and Roberta Ricci. The aim of the project is to create an architecture of dance in close connection with natural and urban landscapes, in which the participants themselves will engage. It also intends to accompany different artistic realities into a moment of dialogue with the territory, considered as an important and necessary aspect of making art.
This is done by proposing situations of exchange, sharing and comparison open to the public.
The project is supported by the Goethe-Institut Neaple and it will
continue in a Summer Intensive one-week lab in the wilderness of the Itria Valley near Ostuni (Puglia, Italy), while the Berlin edition will bring together the urban environment with the city art scene.

The work is based on Instant Composition, an improvisational practice that focuses on composing in the immediacy of the here and now. It pays close attention to the relationship between body, time and space, thus creating a greater awareness of the creative process in progress.
It will be explored and analysed how the body and the sound can transform the space and how it can transform them. The body will become a new sonic instrument and a specific tool for a choreographic score in connection with space and time. Simultaneously, it will investigate the body's new abilities to produce a dance vocabulary inspired by a receptive, intuitive, playful and instinctive attitude.
It will explore the poetry of the body within the performative frame.


to Partecipate

Send us an email and CV at this email with the object : EMBODYNG workshop

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